Writing Tips

Write Like a Professional with These 5 Simple Tips

Maybe you’re pretty confident in your writing ability; maybe you’re in the “fake it ‘til you make it” camp.  Either way, having a concrete writing process can help you become a better writer.

In fact, every writer goes through this process — from you and me to Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. And we go through it for almost everything we write, from blog posts to books.

Depending on what you are writing, you may spend more or less time on any given step, but the steps remain the same. If you …

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business blog why

The 2 Whys of Business Blogging

Imagine for a moment that you want to make a shirt.  So you go to the fabric store and buy some fabric that you like, maybe some thread and some buttons, and you come home and start cutting and stitching.

But you didn’t really think about your plan before you started. Part way through, you realize what you really want is a long-sleeved shirt you can wear to a fancy dinner party.  But the fabric you bought is a loud pattern, you already cut out the wrong shape, and you only have …

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How to blog for a product business

How to Blog for a Product Business: Think Sideways

OK, this week’s WHAT NOT TO DO:

This post showed up in my Tumblr feed as a sponsored post.

At first glance, it’s just a recipe for chicken shawarma, right?

Guess who “dailyfancies.com” is? Fancy Feast.

That’s right. It’s a recipe from a CAT FOOD COMPANY.

This is just… This opens them up so much for ridicule. There are SO MANY JOKES I could make about cat food shawarma. So many. I don’t even know where to start.

When you’re doing a lifestyle blog to go with your product brand, please, PLEASE think very carefully …

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how to blog effectively via lacyboggs.com

How to Blog Effectively: The Ultimate Guide for Solopreneurs

Last week I went to a local networking meetup group. These kinds of groups generally aren’t full of my ideal audience, but I like to go to this particular one because they always have a speaker, and hearing people like LinkedIn expert Kevin Knebl or Facebook guru Andrea Vahl for free is something I can’t pass up!

Anywho, as we were finishing up, the gentleman sitting next to me, an architect looking to start his own firm, asked me a variation on a question I get a lot:

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