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I recently did an editorial calendar consult with a life coach, and I as I’m getting to know a new client, brainstorming blog post ideasReviews of Other Products and Services from GhostBlogger.co for them, I always ask, “What’s your Special Sauce?”

This particular coach told me that one thing she felt set her apart is that she’s always learning.  Her clients will tell her about something—and she’ll run out and get a book to read up on it. She’s a perennial student and proud of it.

“Do book reviews count as blog posts?” she asked me.

You bet your sweet bippy they do!

(Don’t ask me what a sweet bippy is; I have no idea…)

Write a post reviewing your favorite product or service.

For some bloggers, getting paid to review a product, or receiving some other kickback—like getting the product for free—is one of the main goals of having their blog.

For the sake of this post, I’m going to assume you’re not one of them, and that your blog is mainly in service of promoting your small business (which is something OTHER than blogging).

Are reviews still OK to post?

The answer is: absolutely! As long as your ideal reader gives a darn about what you’re reviewing.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re a health and fitness blogger, and you just got a super cool new blender that’s revolutionized the way you eat (or, in this case, drink) breakfast every day.

It’s perfectly OK—and logical—to write up a review of that blender, because it’s something that your ideal reader cares about.

What if you’re a graphic designer?  Should you review that new blender?

That gets a little more iffy… There’s no real reason you shouldn’t review the blender, but it’s not going to do a whole lot to advance your blogging goals, either.  (Remember we talked about knowing the bigger why behind each blog post?)

But if you wanted to talk about the great logo or smart branding the blender company has, that actually might be a great angle for your blog—and something your audience would really be interested in.

Some reviews will logically lend themselves to your readers.

For my life coaching client, reviewing books she’s read that help her do her job is a no brainer: for one thing, her readers would likely also be interested in the books, and for another, it shows off the fact that’s she’s always learning (something that’s important to her readers).

Think about products and services you use that logically your readers might also be interested in:

  • B2B business might review software, apps, business books, or even contractors they use that their customers might also be interested in.
  • Health and fitness gurus might review the latest diet books (good AND bad), new health foods on the market, new workout styles or DVDs…
  • Interior designers or stylists can always review beautiful new items they’ve seen and loved.
  • If your ideal reader is ALSO a mom/entrepreneur/world traveler/yogi/runner/foodie/etc., you can review items even outside your normal expertise that would appeal to them.
  • Anyone can talk about books in their niche.

If you do this often enough, it could become a regular feature on your blog, you could create Pinterest boards of products you recommend, and you could even become affiliates for some of those products as an additional revenue stream.

I even suggested that my life coach client could consider creating a book club with her followers, reading and talking about a book together each month. (The parenting blog Modern Parents, Messy Kids does this well with their virtual book club.)

And, for bonus points, emailing the author or manufacturer or provider of the book/product/service you review could provide you with some nice promotion for your blog—it couldn’t hurt!

What products or services could you review for your ideal reader? Think outside the box and share in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “{Blogspriation}: Reviews of Other Products and Services

  1. Lacy, you’ve inspired me. I’m always being asked about products like knives, sauté pans…and yes, blenders but I’ve never written a blog post reviewing them specifically. Thank you!

    1. Oh, reviews are PERFECT for your niche, Silvia! People are always interested in what the experts are using.

      You could become an affiliate for Amazon or Cook’s Catalogue easily—and if anyone buys, fabulous! And if not, it doesn’t really take that much extra effort to add the link.

  2. Thanks for this great feedback, Lacy! Your post on our conversation gave me a lovely summary of your insights and the action steps I can take to roll this into my coaching offer. Win-win!

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