Blogspiration: What’s Your Buy Trigger?

What’s the buy trigger for your product/service?

A buy trigger is one of the basic human needs that your product or service taps into, and usually it’s a need or fear surrounding that trigger.

So, before you can write about it, you need to know what your ideal client’s buy trigger is—and how your product solves that need or problem.  (And you can have more than one.)  Here are some of the most common:

  • Does your product or service help them make or save money?
  • Do it help them save time?
  • Does it help them with their need to be loved?
  • Do you support their health?
  • Or are you giving them peace of mind?

So here’s your blogspiration for the week: Write a post that speaks directly to your customer’s biggest need or fear.

Share a link here when you write it and let us know which buy trigger you’re tapping into.

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