{Blogspiration}: Solve a Level 1 Problem

Why buy the cow? Because free milk is still inconvenient.One of the biggest fears I hear from business bloggers is the fear of giving away too much for free.  “If I tell them all my secrets on my blog, why would they want to buy my products?”

It’s that old, why buy the cow if the milk is free, question.

But I think that whole cow premise is flawed.

Why buy the cow? Because free milk is still inconvenient.

Here’s the thing: studies have shown that people will still buy a product—even if they can get all the information online for free—if the product makes it more convenient to access that information, goes more in-depth, or if they perceive it to have more value because of the way it’s delivered (interactive or video instead of just text).

What I’m getting at here is that we’re approaching this whole cow/milk equation from the wrong perspective.

People will buy the cow with the best milk.

People want the best milk—the best information, product, or service—and they only know if it’s the best if they get to try it first. Your blog is like the little sample station in the grocery store, giving out tastes of your brilliance. (I may be taking this milk analogy too far…)

Write a blog post solving a level-one problem for your readers.

You know that when people work with you or buy your products, they’re getting an incredible value.  And, in fact, you couldn’t possibly deliver all that value in a single blog post.

What you can do, however, is solve one of their level-one problems—one of the very first problems they need/want to solve when they come looking for a solution like yours.

  • A health coach might solve a problem of what to eat via a sample meal plan or how to exercise with a sample exercise plan. But she would go much more in-depth in an individual coaching session.
  • A business coach might offer worksheets for finding your ideal customer, but she can help you really nail it down if you work with her in person.
  • A ghost blogger might solve the problem of what you’re going to write about, when she could do a whole lot more through a strategy session.  (Hello! *waves*)

Figure out what one of your ideal customers’ level-one problems might be, and solve it in your next blog post—without fear of giving away the milk or the cow, or whatever I was trying to say up there!

Of course, knowledge without action is kind of useless, so leave a comment below and brainstorm what a level-one problem might be for your ideal readers. We’d love to hear about it and help you out!

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