{Blogspiration}: New Research Shows Your Customer Should Invest With You

You are an expert.New Research Shows Your Customer Should Invest With You from GhostBlogger.co

You know your industry, your field, your niche, your ideal readers backwards and forwards, inside and out.

You understand their problems, you’ve got the solutions to those problems—and you’re going to back it up with research.

Calm down. I’m not asking you to go out and hire some research firm or even perform a survey yourself. I’m going to tell you how to use other people’s expertise to support your own.

Write a blog post about new (or old!) research that supports your expertise.

Scientists are researching everything you can possibly imagine all the time.  Whatever your business is, it’s almost totally certain there’s somebody out there who has researched it or is researching it now.

And you can borrow their scholarly expertise to support your expertise.

How much more legit are you going to look when you’re able to say that research out of Harvard (or insert another prestigious institution here) supports what you’re doing?

New media marketing genius Seth Godin does this all the time.  He’ll write a super short blog post pointing to someone else’s research or article or blog post and basically say, “This is what I’ve been telling you all along.”  It’s huge! It makes him look like—well, like a genius!

And you can do the exact same thing.

Let the research come to you.

If you’re looking to write a blog post on this today, you can always Google your field +research or +statistics or whatever other search terms you can think of and probably find something right now.

A great way to handle this, however, is to let the research come to you.

You can set up a Google alert for a similar phrase and you will be emailed any time Google finds a new article with that phrase.  Then, when new research comes out, you can ride the wave of interest in it and write a very timely blog post. Research shows (see what I did there?) that when something is “trending,” the first person to blog about it—within the first 20 minutes or so—often gets a big boost in traffic.  You won’t want to drop everything and write a post for every new snippet of research—but if it’s perfect for your reader or your niche, you might consider it.

This works for all kinds of industry news—not just research.

Try thinking sideways a bit for topics that might be researched that are relevant to your field. A life coach might set up an alert for “happiness research;” a designer might set up “effects of design on business research” or somthing along those lines. Spend a few minutes searching Google for the right phrases before you craft your alert, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time down the road.

A little action will go a long way: Take a second right now to set up a Google alert for research in your field so that you’ll be primed and ready the next time opportunity strikes.

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6 thoughts on “{Blogspiration}: New Research Shows Your Customer Should Invest With You

  1. Ooh, i LOVE this!

    There is SO MUCH research around what I do, sometimes I reference it, but it never occurred to me that saying, “I’ve been telling you this and now science does too” would give me credibility! LOVE IT! Thank you!

    1. Isn’t it AWESOME? I saw someone do this the other day on Facebook with quotes from Glamour magazine! Still totally gave her credibility—even though it wasn’t a scientific journal or something.

  2. Fantastic idea…I love this! I’ve been doing a ton of research lately on creativity/right-brain/left-brain stuff, and it totally makes sense to share my research with my peeps. Thanks for the reminder, Lacy! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for this tip – I use it ALL the time! I have about 6 different alerts set, so Google does like half of my work for me (it feels that way at least). Post ideas just arrive in my inbox, it’s great! This is also so wonderful for my social media feed and makes me look in-the-know and up-to-date. Thanks!

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