Blogspiration: Let Them Know Your WHY

A lot of small business owners think they need to keep it all business on their business blog. (Let’s see how many times I can use the word “business” in a single sentence!)

That’s not always true. When I first started THIS blog, I started out trying to sound all businessy.  I was worried that because this was a “business” blog—as opposed to a food blog or a personal blog, with which I was much more familiar—I needed to sound more professional.

But a conversation with a prospective client changed my mind when she told me she was thrilled to work with me because she loved my voice on my food blog.

Turns out, she wanted to do BUSINESS with me because I sounded PERSONAL.

There is a line, of course. You don’t want to be flashing your unmentionables (you decide what those might be!) on your business blog, writing about how you were so drunk you couldn’t get to work on time, or rant about a bad client relationship—those are unprofessional, not personal.

A great way to get to a safe place for sharing some personal info is to start by talking about your big why.


In his amazing TED talk, Simon Sinek explains that great leaders inspire by getting other people onboard with their “WHY”—their raison d’etre, if you like.

And this works with clients and customers as much as with employees or coworkers.

So this week, take some time to explore your big WHY and explain it to your clients. Maybe you sell grass-fed beef, but your passion is donating beef pound-for-pound to local food banks so that the hungry have access to high quality food as well.

Or maybe you’re a financial planner and mediator, but your real passion is guiding divorcing couples through a respectful divorce that allows them to coexist and coparent post-divorce.

(Two of my actual clients, by the way.)

Whatever your why, be sure your customers and clients know about it. You never know who might be reading, and who might really resonate with your passion.


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