{Blogspiration}: Let Readers Know a More Powerful Tool Exists

{Blogspiration:} Let readers know a more powerful tool existsIf you are doing business in a crowded field, or if you’re a newcomer to a particular niche, it can seem daunting. How do you get customers who are used to doing something one way to try something new?

Last week we talked about comparing your solution to another solution (and coming out on top), but sometimes you have to go one step further than that.

Write a blog post letting your competitor’s customers know a more powerful tool exists.

Let’s say, for example, you sell small business accounting software. There are lots of options out there, but your software addresses one or more pain points that your competitors don’t. (Can you tell I’ve been having bookkeeping woes??)

Your ideal customers need to know that! You can easily write one or more blog posts explaining exactly how your solution is different from your competition.

But you can also take it one step further.

Do a little Google searching or keyword research, and find out what frustrations your customers are searching for answers to.  In our accounting software example, the pain points might be “tedious data entry” or “accounting jargon” or even something to do with “taxes.”

Once you figure out what pain points your ideal customers are searching to solve, you can write a post explaining exactly how your product solves them—and include those exact search phrases for SEO good measure.

Get specific

Too often we assume that our customers understand why or how we’re different from the competition.  But when writing online especially, you’ve got to spell it out!  Don’t assume your reader knows anything

You may be surprised to discover that when you specifically explain how and why your solution is better, you’ll get more customers coming to you from the competition. In addition, using the specific words and phrases they use to try to find a solution to their problem isn’t just good for SEO; it makes your readers feel like you’re reading their minds!

And that can be a huge boost to your bottom line.

How have you let your potential customers know that your more powerful solution exists? Let us know in the comments below!

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