Blogspiration: Favorite Tool

Today, write a blog post about your favorite tool.

If you serve a B2B audience, this one should be easy: post about your favorite productivity tool, your favorite app or website that you use in your business, whatever “inside” info you think you have that your customers can use.

But what if you’re a B2C business? You can still post about productivity tools if you want too, (who doesn’t need to be more productive?) but you could also post about anything you like that’s related to your business—people will find it interesting.

  • Make and sell handbags? Why not post about your favorite sewing machine or scissors.
  • Interior decorator? Talk about your favorite design mags and resources.
  • Coach or mediator? Maybe you have some favorite books to recommend, or complementary web sites that you can share with your readers.

Don’t be afraid to think a little out of the box here—those are often the posts you will find that get the best response.

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