{Blogspiration}: Cross-Pollinate With a Different Audience

write a blog post for a different audienceYou’ve probably seen “different angle/different audience” posts before; I call them cross-pollinating posts.

They have titles like, “3 Things Swing Dancing Can Teach You About Blogging,” “The Firefly Guide to Producing More Creative Content,” and “The Time Lord’s Guide to Reinventing Your Blog.” (OK, I made that last one up, but it’s so awesome I might have to write it.)

These aren’t just gimmicky posts, although they do have a gimmick. What the author is actually doing is opening up her blog to a whole new audience, and that can pay off big when it comes to getting attention for your blog.

Cross-Pollinating With an Alien Audience

We’ve all got things we love that have nothing to do with our business.  You may have noticed that I’m a little bit (little bit??) geeky and I love my sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. I work them into my blog posts (see above), but I could also write an entire post—The Time Lord’s Guide to Reinventing Your Blog, for example—tying my passion for the TV show Doctor Who to my business blog.

Caylie Price of Better Business, Better Life loves swing dancing, and she was able to tie that back to blogging.

But you can’t just leave it there.

The magic of the cross-pollination post doesn’t really start until you get that other audience involved. So, I would want to email some major Doctor Who fan sites about my amazing post about reinventing your blog; Caylie probably posted a link to her article in some swing dancing groups and forums.

Because the real magic of these slightly gimmicky posts lies in garnering you a whole new set of eyeballs from that second audience.

Write a Post That Cross-Pollinates with Another Audience

This one should be pretty easy! Think of a hobby or passion you have that’s totally separate from your business and write a post that ties the two together in a unique way. DON’T FORGET to promote your post to that other, alien audience when you’re done!

Got a brilliant cross-pollination post you’ve already written? Share it in the comments below! We’d love to see your creativity!

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5 thoughts on “{Blogspiration}: Cross-Pollinate With a Different Audience

  1. Great idea!! I remember reading something like this in one of Derek Halpern’s trainings. I like your idea of calling it ‘cross-pollinating’, it’s an easy to remember what to do. Infact, I think I might add that idea to some of the topics in my editorial calendar. Thanks for the reminder, Lacy!!

    1. Woot woot! Don’t forget the promotion part, Desiree! It’s the most important part! Do you have a place for promotion ideas in your editorial calendar?

  2. Great post!! I love mixing ideas!
    Your tip about promoting in related groups and forums is SO important. I think most of us forget that part and with a bit of creativity I guess you can find a group of everything 🙂

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