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This week, I noticed two of the services I use were soliciting me to write a case study.  Check it out:

Buffer, a social media scheduling application, had this in their newsletter:

P.S. We’re amazed when we hear the interesting and clever ways people use Buffer. We’d love to hear your story (just hit reply) if Buffer has helped you meet your business goals or made your life easier. As always with our emails, we’ll reply personally to every single response. 🙂

And Podio, a collaborative work platform, actually sent out a dedicated email this week asking,

The entire Podio team and I would love to know more about your Podio story. How do you use Podio? Does it help boost your productivity? I’d really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to tell us what you think, by clicking the link.

They’re both asking for case studies: how average users are making use of their products and services.

These case studies are powerful when it comes to social proof, showing your potential customers how other satisfied customers are using your product or service to change their lives or business.

For this week’s blog topic, start with a case study:

  1. If you have a case study from a satisfied customer, now’s a great time to share it on your blog. 
  2. If you don’t have any case studies yet, why not follow the example of Buffer and Podio and write a post requesting case studies from your customers?
  3. Or, you can provide your own case study of how you use someone else’s product or service.

The bonus of doing No. 3 is that you can send your case study to the company you’re talking about—if they decide to post it, it’s a great publicity opportunity for you. In fact case studies are just another form of guest posting, and especially useful for B2B businesses.

Not sure how to incorporate a case study for your business? Got one you want to share? Leave a comment below!

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22 thoughts on “Blogspiration: Case Study

  1. Interesting, Lacy. I have really never thought about doing a case study, but now I’m a bit intrigued with the idea. Thanks so much for planting the seed!

  2. I agree with Andrea, this is definitely something I’m going to marinate on. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. GREAT idea! I’ve been thinking recently about how I’m always telling people about other great blogs and services, and was thinking that I should do something on my blog about this. A case study is the perfect way!

  4. Hi Lacy, thanks for the tips. I never thought about using a case study in that way before. Might just give it a go!

  5. Great timing Lacy! I have a video testimonial from a client, but I wasn’t sure how to present it to my audience. Thinking about it as a case study makes more sense to me. Now it’s going to go up on my blog next week! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Lacy, thanks for the inspiration in this article! I recently asked one of my customers if I could do a blog on her progress and now I think it's even better to do a case study with her (and maybe later use those same questions/criteria to do a case study with many clients)!

  7. GREAT idea, Lana! I'd love it if you would share the questions you ask with our group over here when you're done!

  8. Brilliant! Thanks for the blogspiration, Lacy – I’m adding this to my editorial calendar now.

  9. ooooh, PERFECT timing! I am just wrapping up with my Mandala Meditations program, and I plan on getting some feedback from my peeps. Thank you, Lacy!!

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