{Blogspiration}: Breaking the Code of Silence

170034867_be457c8210_bA while back, I read about this guy who installs pools.  He had a website and a blog to try to drum up traffic for his business, and one day, he wrote a post that explained, in detail, how he (and the rest of the pool-installation industry) estimated the costs of a job.

His traffic almost immediately went through the roof.


Because he was answering a question that no one else in his industry was willing to answer.  People were searching the Google for answers to exactly that question—how pool installation guys set their prices—but no one else was answering that question.

Interestingly, as long as you’re not a creepy pool installation guy, that information isn’t really going to hurt your business. The guy who wrote it up on his website wasn’t going to lose anything by divulging that information—but he had everything to gain by becoming a trusted and respected source for people searching for that information.

What’s your industry’s dirty little secret?

The funny thing about this blogspiration is that your industry’s dirty little secret might be sitting right under your nose, but you aren’t able to see it because you’re too close to it.

Here are some suggestions for ferreting it out:

  • Use websites like Quora, Metafilter and Yahoo!Answers to see what kinds of questions people are asking about your industry. Which ones aren’t getting very good answers?
  • Think about the kind of information you were told not to divulge when you were learning about your business. Ask yourself why you’re not supposed to talk about it. (If there’s no good reason not to, it might be a good candidate!)
  • What’s the “party line” in your industry? What does everybody say your client should/shouldn’t do?  Do you agree? Could you make a case for the other side?
  • Do a little digital stalking and check out the comments sections of your “frenemies” websites (your competitors and potential collaborators). What questions are people asking that aren’t being answered—or aren’t being answered very well?
  • Are there any myths surrounding your industry that you can debunk?

Ready to write? Or not quite?

You might not be able to strike gold the way our pool dude did, but these kinds of posts that go against the grain in an industry can get a lot of attention.  I’ll be talking more about when (and why) you want to grab attention like this with your blog in the coming weeks, but for now, just start looking for opportunities like this in your industry and making a note of them for future posts.

Got a great idea for a post like this? Want to pick our brains about what WE want to know about your industry? Leave a comment below!


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5 thoughts on “{Blogspiration}: Breaking the Code of Silence

  1. Hey Devin! Let's see… Off the top of my head: How do you determine your fee/percentage? What unpleasant situations can a property manager help me deal with (so I don't have to)? How do I build a legacy for my family with rental properties? Why isn't real estate a "get rich quick" scheme, but rather a way to build lasting wealth?

    1. LOL Emily — you don’t think the stationery industry has any skeletons in its closet?!? 😉 Think of things that routinely confuse people. Maybe it’s questions about etiquette, or why it’s cheaper per piece to order more of something, or what kinds of papers and inks the pros would choose for their own stationery. Things like that.

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