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I was chatting with a client this week who is in a very creative field. She helps people transform their lives through style and design.  But I noticed one BIG thing missing from her blog (and website in general):

No before and after posts.

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If I’m a potential customer, I had no way to see what her work was like.  I had no way to experience what the finished product might look like and imagine myself with that product.

If you are a graphic designer, stylist, interior designer, architect, painter, landscaper, coach, personal trainer, dietician—or any of a zillion other job titles—it should be a no-brainer for you to showcase the amazing transformations you help your clients achieve.

But here’s the thing: No matter WHAT industry you’re in, you help people achieve an amazing transformation of some kind.

No really.  Think about it.

  • accountant — you take people from overwhelmed with receipts and numbers to organized and calm
  • clothing sales — you make customers feel stylish and good about themselves
  • auto mechanic — you help customers keep their cars in pristine condition for many years or fix otherwise disabling problems
  • software developer — you solve a problem for people (whether they know they have it or not!)
  • luxury item sales — you create joy

So, your blogspiration for this week is to describe your amazing transformation.

You can do this with photos if you have them, but you can also do it with words.  Tell the story of the transformation you helped someone achieve. Show the before and after—and make sure it’s crystal clear that you were the all-important catalyst that enabled the transformation.

Still stuck on what your transformation might be? Leave a comment below and we’ll blogstorm about it with you.

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3 thoughts on “Blogspiration: Before and After

    1. Hi Victoria!
      I help small business owners go from being scared of blogging or uncertain about their writing “talent” to having a brilliant blog that drives traffic and supports their business. One of my best before and afters so far is one of my clients who went from uncertain about her blog to pitching (and landing) a HUGE guest posting gig:

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