Blogs are the Nexus of Your Social Media Strategy

Blogs are the nexus of your social media strategy.Want to share this infographic? Please do!

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4 thoughts on “Blogs are the Nexus of Your Social Media Strategy

  1. Great info graphic. Had you had a Pinterest button it would have gone to my business board. Now I’ll simply tweet it out for you! 🙂

    1. Doh! The one I didn’t include. 😉 (In my defense, I don’t often have much worth pinning!) But you are welcome to pin it if you want!

  2. Lacy – LOVE the infographic! Wonderful use of imagery, color, copy & stats. I really appreciate the reminder that our blog is a tool, not a chore. I would add that it helps to include your personality in posts to make it even more engaging. When I started out, I was very heavy on creating business-centric & professional-sounding content without revealing much of me. After all, that’s what we did in corporate! Lately I’ve been relishing bringing more of me & my creativity into all aspects of my business & marketing, and it’s a LOT more fun!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I had to go through the same evolution! The first couple of posts on this blog are so Business with a capital B! But then one of my clients told me how much she loved my voice on my food blog, and I realized how important personality is!

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