Blogspiration: Tough Questions

What’s one tough question you could ask your ideal client/reader today? Write a blog post inviting your reader to examine that tough question—and phrase it so that the answer will lead them to feel they want/need your product or service EVEN MORE.

Often, leading your client to think about the worst possible outcome they are experiencing or could experience if they don’t work with you can make them much more receptive to engaging (and paying for) your service. The more you open them up on this, the more they will want …

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Case Study: How to Tell Stories that Sell

“Facts tell; stories sell.”  That’s from Marie Forleo, and she is SO right.  Storytelling is the essence of all good writing, whether writing a novel or a business blog—and whether you’re selling widgets or doing deep, emotional personal coaching work.

But sometimes, figuring out which stories to tell can be challenging—especially if you’re not doing deep, emotional personal coaching-type work.  How does a personal story relate to selling widgets, or accounting software, or interior decorating, as someone recently asked me:

I do interior design and home organizing … I don’t really understand what type …

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Case Study: How Much Content Should I Give Away for Free?

You hear it time and time again that you need to have a blog for your business, but what do you write about when you sell information products? How do you provide value on your blog without giving away all your best stuff for free?

It’s a question I got recently from a guy who sells courses on understanding your personality type:

I’m really struggling with thinking about blogging and writing about my products… I will be selling courses in personality type and self-discovery. I am not sure what you would do …

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No. 1 Secret to Pitching a Guest Post

As I delved into becoming a professional ghostblogger, one of the things that struck me the most was that many of my clients were dying to land guest posting gigs with big websites in their niche.

Writing a great guest post is one thing, but knowing how to pitch a guest post is another skill entirely.  Too often, bloggers will submit a guest post and never even mention the number one most important thing they should bring up!

Want to know what it …

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