Blogspiration: Before and After

I was chatting with a client this week who is in a very creative field. She helps people transform their lives through style and design.  But I noticed one BIG thing missing from her blog (and website in general):

No before and after …

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Blogspiration: Ask for a Referral

Did you know that as much as 80% of sales come from referrals? It’s true!

And the best way—often the only way—to get referrals is to ASK.

So why not ask the people who already know, like, and trust you? Write a blog post asking for referrals or testimonials.

My suggestion would be to start with a story you already have.  Talk about the amazing transformation you helped a client achieve and then ask your readers to share their stories.  People love to talk about themselves!

They also love to be the expert. Make …

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Blogspiration: What’s Your Buy Trigger?

What’s the buy trigger for your product/service?

A buy trigger is one of the basic human needs that your product or service taps into, and usually it’s a need or fear surrounding that trigger.

So, before you can write about it, you need to know what your ideal client’s buy trigger is—and how your product solves that need or problem.  (And you can have more than one.)  Here are some of the most …

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