20 Entrepreneurs’ Best Advice for 2018

In honor of the new year, I asked some of the smartest people I know for their No. 1 best tip for anyone to improve their life. They all happen to be entrepreneurs, so while I specified that the advice could be about anything, I was expecting a fair amount of business advice.

Instead I got some serious life advice. And I shouldn’t be surprised; running a business acts as a mirror (or sometimes a magnifying glass) for all your internal shiz, and if you don’t deal with your personal stuff, it will bring the business down. 

Want to succeed like these ladies (and gent)? Read their words of wisdom and take what you need for your journey this year. 

Amanda Steinberg ALIGNMENT. Alignment is the key. Whatever you do for yourself, with others, needs alignment. Especially in partnership, if one person benefits far more than the other, that’s lack of alignment, and it will break.

Lena West Know thyself. You must know who you are, what motivates you, what triggers you, your strengths and how to protect your confidence. Without this, you’ll try to fit into the world’s mold for you and you’ll allow your energy to be held hostage.

Ashley Stahl I think happiness is often less about adding something on, and more about removing things! My big thought on being better is to shift your perspective on your challenges- do you need that one extra thing to “fix” the situation, or do you really just need to release/remove something! 

Denise DT Knowing that everyone feels fear and everyone feels like a fraud.

Lisa Fabrega If you could prioritize cultivating the connection with your soul voice, and HONORING what she/he asks of us instead of constantly letting the ego bypass her/him, you would literally have everything you want in your life. And everything you need to fulfill your great purpose. People still don’t totally get the importance of this one — but when you do — holy shit.

Jo Gifford Self love — which leads to alllll of it: gratitude, presence, confidence, development, knowing yourself, alignment…

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin Owning what you want. Every single person I’ve ever worked with has infinitely better boundaries, clarity, choices, when they lose shame in asking for what they truly want on a soul level, and develop a fearlessness in asking for it.

Rebecca Tracey Move more.

Jamie Jensen Slow down.

Erin Lindstrom Remember everything is a choice.

Gemma Churchill Trust in yourself and your intuition.

Suzy Ashworth It’s my mantra for life: Faith + Action = Miracles 💕

Sarah Ancalmo-Ashman Your only true responsibility is being yourself – doing “you”.

Bushra Azhar Eight hours of sleep every single day… non negotiable.. less than that and everything comes crumbling down. 

Jenny Amon Fenig Listen to your Inner Voice not your Inner Critic. Make decisions rooted in faith, not fear. ❤️❤️❤️ And don’t worry what others think about you.

Racheal Baxter Cook Make self-care a priority. Not just mani-pedis but deep, soul nurturing self-care is about designing a life you don’t need a vacation from. If you make that a priority, everything else improves.

Elizabeth P DiAlto Energy first. Everything begins in the energy before it reaches the physical world, so even the simple simple practices of cord cutting and grounding can give people better access to everything else mentioned on this thread 

Michael Roderick Curate the network you have. The people you surround yourself with and bring into your life have access to your most precious resource: Time. If you’re really thoughtful about who you spend time with, those people create a filter around you to keep the people who will waste your time out. Once you know who your advocates are, like will attract like and you’ll be introduced to more advocates and you’ll all be able to rise together.

Vanessa Horn Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Discernment wins over hustle to experience what you desire most.

L’Erin Alta Breathe and trust your truth. No one else is (or can be) the expert on you — your needs, your power, your possibility. Take 100% responsibility for life, trust the process and be self-compassionate as you move forward. However something turns out is always for your own growth, healing and evolution, so don’t be too hard on yourself.


Which piece of advice most resonates for you right now?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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8 thoughts on “20 Entrepreneurs’ Best Advice for 2018

  1. The idea of knowing thyself really resonates with me. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I was recently forced to close a business I had worked very hard to build. Instead of letting myself get upset and negative, I took the opportunity to think about my passions, strengths and what I really want out of life.
    Now I’m launching a new business that will allow me to promote products and small businesses that I find inspiring -while also giving me more time to travel and enjoy the activities I am passionate about.

    1. Ashley, I can totally relate. When I closed down even a part of my business, there was a major grieving process that had to happen! But it’s ultimately been a good move.

  2. Michael’s advice about curating s network of advocates and rising together gave me chills and made me think about 2 wonderful women in particular that I’m grateful to be aligned with! XO

  3. It’s amazing how many people are saying things like “slow down”, “you don’t need to do all of the things” and “connect with yourself”. They’re precisely all of the things I decided to do this year and I already feel so much better!

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