10 Amazing Products to Build From Your Blog

Earlier on this blog, I’ve talked about figuring out—and writing about—your special sauce, that is, the thing (or things) that really set you apart from your competition.

And that’s all well and good.

But your special sauce (or, your unique selling position in business-speak) is worth more than just one blog post, don’t you think?

What if you could take that special sauce and turn it into an entire meal that would make you more money? OK, I’m stretching that metaphor a little bit thin, but what I really mean is this:

Once you figure out what makes your business unique, you can transform that into big returns.

What can you do with all that saucy uniqueness? How about:

  1. make a CD or MP3 walking people through a process (like a guided meditation)
  2. make a CD or MP3 of a talk or presentation you give, or transcribe it and turn it into an ebook
  3. create a tip sheet for success—like, 15 Things to Know Before Hiring a Graphic Designer
  4. create a checklist for procedures
  5. create an accountability or support group—any kind of membership forum works for this
  6. put together a checklist for events—like a “What to Bring” list for giving speeches or going on sales calls
  7. collect phone or conversation transcripts that your clients can learn from
  8. make a template for any repeated action that your customers do
  9. offer a content library that is a collection of blog posts or other articles organized by subject
  10. create a DVD or digital file of you leading a workshop

Any of these striking your fancy?

The great thing about all of these ideas is that they’re probably information you already have—no need to reinvent the wheel.  Just put your special sauce into a format that’s easily consumable for your customers.

And then, what you do with it is totally up to you. You might offer any one of these as your freebie for opting in to your email list. Or, you might sell one or more of these as your low-priced introductory product. The choice is yours!

If you want more little tips and tricks like this, plus an hour to pick my brain on any other blogging questions you may have, why not sign up for a Blogspiration Strategy Session with me? I promise you, it will be the most valuable 60 minutes you spend working on your blog this year.

One thought on “10 Amazing Products to Build From Your Blog

  1. Great ideas Lacy. I find that many people like the tip sheet idea. When they read a title/headline that says “5 tips,” “6 pointers,” etc., they know they’re getting a finite set of guidelines to help them.

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