Are You Focused on Tactics or Strategy? The Goal is Strategic Execution

There’s a continuum of action for business. (And life, but we’re really only talking business here.)

On the one end is strategy. It’s cerebral. It’s thinky. It requires many post-it notes and paper and books and maybe my favorite, a bullet journal.

At the other end is tactics. These are the actual things you do: the Tweets, the emails, the podcast, the webinar, the Facebook Live, the in-person networking meeting, the price setting, the sales-page writing, etc. etc. etc.

And somewhere in the middle the rubber meets the road. It’s where the big strategy you’ve designed meets the tactics that will make it happen.

Blog Content Audit Checklist: How to Discover What’s Working and What’s Not


I talk a lot on this blog about how to create content that actually makes an impact for your business. But once you’ve been blogging for a while, how can you tell whether or not your new strategy is working for you? 

You could go with your gut, but a smarter way would be to actually look at the numbers. 

The best way to get a 30,000 foot view of how your content is doing is to conduct a blog audit — and it’s not as hard or complicated as it sounds. 

Content Trends for 2017

I’ve never considered myself particularly trendy. Usually, I’m the gal that jumps on a fashion trend about the time it makes its way to Target — when the real fashionistas have long since moved on — and starts using a slang word around the same time your grandparents do. I gravitate toward more classic styles for my hair, my wardrobe, my home, because then I’m fairly confident I won’t get laughed out of existence when I show up at a party looking so last year.

(This may be a defense mechanism born from junior high…)

But what’s interesting is that I’m also an innovator. I love to be on the front lines of what’s new and what’s next — whether I’m ready to adopt it or not is another thing entirely, but I want to know about it. And furthermore, I want to be creating it. 

So business trends? Not really my jam. I’m not really interested in jumping on any bandwagons. 

Yet I understand the importance of knowing what’s going on in the zeitgeist — not so that I can follow it blindly, but so that I can make a conscious decision about whether to follow it or dissent. 

This year, I decided to ask some of the smartest people I know what’s next for them in their business when it comes to content. What will they be doing, where will they be focusing their energy. And from these fascinating conversations, I was able to draw some interesting conclusions about what’s new and what’s next in content trends for 2017.

17 Powerful Content Marketing Worksheets for Better Content in 2017

Last January, I opened up the vaults and shared my 13 most popular content marketing worksheets in one post for you to download, so I thought I would do so again this year — except this time, in honor of 2017, I picked the 17 most popular downloads from last year.

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Honestly, as I was putting together this list, I realized that this is a mini masterclass in effective blogging!  If you read each of the posts linked here, and use the worksheets I’ve provided, you’ll be well on your way to earning mega bank with your blog in 2017. 

Happy blogging!